Marimo Moss Ball

So today I went onto Amazon to check black Friday deals. Instead I found A Marimo Moss Ball tank. It’s so cute and everyone in the reviews seemed to really enjoy theirs.

(Marimo fun facts at bottom!)

I currently have a tiny tree, and a cactus on my desk. I didn’t want to add more clutter to the side of my desk near the window. Marimo mass balls don’t need a lot of light so I can keep it on the other side of my desk that’s away from the window. I decided I would make one myself and save some $$$.

I went to two stores to try and find a container. I tired Target first and I found a tall drinking glass for $1. Check the bottom for pictures of that.

The next store I tried was Bed, Bath & Beyond, which was right next to the Petsmart I shop at. I hadn’t even thought of it until I got there. I found an almost perfect container. I wish it were a tad bit taller, but I still think it looks pretty cool. I found it in the bathroom section. I walked the whole store once and found nothing. I figured that there had to be something in that huge store. That’s why I went on a second walk through. I didn’t think I’d find anything in the bathroom section, but it was one of the only places I hadn’t looked.


So this is the container. Its got a cute little rope handle and wood lid. I bought two. One for me and one for my dad for Christmas. The following will have two pictures; all left are the same, all right are the same jar. So next I went next door and got some river rocks in 3 different colors.


Next I put them in, darkest to lightest (left to right in the picture above).

20141129_181240 20141129_181253

Then I added the Marimo balls!

20141129_181527 20141129_181531

Here’s one more picture of the jar from the left, the one I’m keeping at home.


It’s pretty cute don’t you think? I’m going to try and find stands for them. Maybe a tall wooden rectangular stand type thing or a squat circular stand. If I can find one, I’ll add it as an edit to this post.

They are a little expensive at Petsmart. You can buy them cheaper offline, just be sure it’s not a fake. They sell “moss balls” for reptiles (not sure why reptiles need them but hey). They are just an endoskeleton with moss wrapped around the outside, not a true Marimo.


  • jar = 14.99
  • stones x3 = 1.99
  • Marimo = $8.49 (sale price)

If you buy all three stone colors the total is = $29.45

If you buy one stone color the total is = $25.47

For a cheaper version, just use the stones and a cheap cup. Here’s mine:


The total with all three stones is $15.46

The total with one stone color is $11.48

Which one do you like better? Jar or Glass? Let me know because I like both and can’t decide which to use.

Fun Facts!

Marimo are Japanese. Mari = spherical, mo = moss.

Here’s the word in hiragana まりも.

In English we pronounce it mary-mo, but in Japanese it sounds like ma-ri-mo where ma’s “a” is soft. Almost like mario with an m in there.

They only grow in certain places because of currents. The algae is constantly being swirled in circles so it becomes a little ball.

Marimo can live for 200 years and the biggest they become is 12 in in diameter!

Owning a Marimo is supposed to bring you good luck.

Edit Dec. 1:

The Marimo ball produces little bubbles on its surface as it photosynthesizes. Sometimes it floats because of that. It’s really cool to see them appear. I take the little guy out, squeeze gently, and roll it around in my hand. It’s really soft. Then I put it back in. A few hours later there are small bubbles all over; on the glass, stones and Marimo. Nature at work!

Edit Feb. 14:

I found the perfect container for my marimo! I got it at Target. I think it was $12. Here’s a picture. I think it’s super cute!!


It’s a little hard to see but there is some sand at the bottom and the marimo. The rest is just fake flowers that are affixed to the bottom. So I get a cute decorative plant, and my little marimo gets a home!